Ryan Briscoe, MA, LPC


Education: Master’s in Counseling, Western Seminary (2014).

Experience: I have five years experience as a professional counselor, including working with children, teens, marriages and individuals. I have a special interest in working with people who want to utilize Christian faith in the counseling process.

Approach to Counseling: I take into account the whole person, including physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. I seek to tailor my approach according to each person, and place great value on the therapeutic relationship throughout the course of therapy. I use evidenced-based tools to track whether or not you are reaching your goals, which allows us to adjust my approach so that you reach your goals sooner. Personally, I hold to a Christian worldview, but out of respect I will not impose my beliefs onto my clients. I am happy to talk about all matters of faith or spirituality, or none at all. I see counseling as a unique learning opportunity where God-given strengths are activated and brokenness healed.