Professional Counseling & Therapy

Ryan Briscoe, LPC

Welcome. Making a decision to see a counselor is not an easy step. Whether you’ve seen a counselor before or if this is your very first time, it’s normal to feel nervous or maybe even hesitant. You’re considering sharing some difficult personal information with someone you’ve not met before — it’s no wonder that most people let things get pretty bad before they seek out help.

I am someone who knows first hand what it’s like to experience mental health struggles — both personally and in my family. It was through this that lead me to become a professional counselor. I can now say that I am glad I went through the hard times because I think it has given me greater compassion and empathy for others going through their own trials. I make it my personal goal to work with each client I see with respect, care, and understanding.

Some ways counseling can help:

• Identify the real source of your struggles.

• Heal from past wounds.

• Make your problems more manageable.

• Gain clarity on what to do next in life.

• Enjoy relationships again.